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Discovering Dinosaurs


Hold onto your hats, dinosaur enthusiasts) The National Touring Museum proudly presents the undisputed rockstar of dinosaur expertise, Tim Jeffries, in a jaw-dropping lecture like never before – “DISCOVERING DINOSAURS: Fossil Hunting in Alberta’s Badlands.”

Tim Jeffries, fresh off a wild year in Alberta, is making a triumphant return to Ontario, armed with not just mind-boggling dinosaur knowledge, but a collection of jaw-dropping fossils he personally excavated in the badlands. Get ready for a prehistoric party of epic proportions!

Brace yourself for an adventure as Tim spills the beans on the incredible journey of dinosaur bones- from dusty digs to dazzling museum displays. Discover the mind- bending geological tales  of Alberta and why it’s the holy grail for dino discoveries.

But that’s not all! Tim’s taking you on a crash course in fossilization magic – learn the art of telling rocks from bones, and uncover the answers to all your burning dino queries. It’s an interactive journey into the heart of the past!

Secure your golden ticket to this time-traveling extravaganza by shooting us an email at

So, dive headfirst into the dino madness with Tim Jeffries!

Don’t miss out – this is your chance to make history come alive!

Event Date: July 27, 2024
Event Location: Havelock Library – Basement
Event Time: 2pm

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