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Stone Hall Sessions is pleased and proud to present Boreal – LIVE in Concert as the fourth concert in our 2024 Season. “Not sure there’s another 3 women band in this country that could dream of sounding that good together!” – John Law (Presenter, Kingsville Music Society, ON) Boreal is the magical musical collaboration of Tannis Slimmon, Katherine Wheatley and Angie Nussey. These […]

British Home Children

On Monday April 17 we had two special guests at the Library Book Club. The book that was being discussed was “The forgotten home child” by Genevieve Graham which was a fictional story based on the true story of the British Home Children. Diane Cosway with her friend Marg Trottman-Graham gave our group an enthusiastic […]

Geocaching is in Cordova Mines!

But what is Geocaching? It’s an outdoor adventure that happens all the time, all around the world. To play, just download the Geocaching app to your smart device or use a handheld GPS unit. You can then navigate to cleverly hidden containers called geocaches. There are millions of geocaches waiting to be found, all over […]

A view from the ridge part 5

A View From The Ridge By Cheryl Gallant Firsts are always memorable…for any number of reasons. First date, first car, first home…the list goes on. Although the farm in Cape Breton was not our first home together, the Christmas of 1999 brought its own memorable “firsts.” We arrived on the fifteenth of November and immersed […]

A view from the ridge part 6

A View From The Ridge By Cheryl Gallant A couple of days after our arrival in Cape Breton, we made the trek along the scenic highway that clings to the shores of the Bras D’Or Lakes to deliver our friend John to the Sydney airport. I remember clinging to him, just like those lakes to […]

A View from the Ridge part 7

A View from The Ridge By Cheryl Gallant We lost the century-old barn on our Ontario farm to the ravages of time and weather not long after we bought the property.  My love of all things old and historic made me feel the loss greatly, as I imagined what stories and memories it may have […]