February 27 2018

Reading Moose Book Selection for January for younger readers

  You may have noticed on Facebook, the pictures of Cordova Mines' very own Reading Moose. He loves to share his favourite books. Take a look at the January book list for his suggestions for young readers.

June 2 2018

United Empire Loyalist at the Havelock Library 2pm

  Come join us at the Havelock Library where there will be a short talk on the legacy of the United Empire Loyalist. After there will be a slide show presentation of the genealogy of the Captain Isaac Gerow (Giraud) family. This event is on Saturday June 2 at 1:30 pm

June 11 2018

Next book club meeting-Above All Things

  The next book that the book club will be discussing is Above All Things. The next meeting will be on Monday June 11th at 1:30 pm. For more information call either the Havelock Library at 778-2621 or the Cordova Library at 778-2721 or come into either branch.

December 22 2018

Come like us on Facebook

  Check out our Facebook page and see what activities are going on in the libraries and other events.

December 24 2018

Looking up books on our Search Our Library

  If you are looking for a book on our Search Our Library page and you want to put the name of the author, you need to put last name first comma and then their first name for example James Patterson you would enter as Patterson, James

December 28 2018

Patrons can now renew books over the internet

  The technical problems have now been fixed.We are pleased to announce now that you can renew your books over the internet. You need to go to your home library first so we can set up this feature for you. All you have to do is follow the following directions. Go to our webpage-choose search our library-choose your home library-click on sign in-enter the last 5 digits of your library card and enter your password-from there you can pull up your account and renew. For more information please contact either library. Havelock at 705-778-2621 or Cordova at 705-778-2721.

December 29 2018

Check out our online resources

  Our online resources have changed. We have added some new ones like Mango Languages and EBSCO has some new links for Hobbies, Science and Small Engine Repairs.
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