May 13 2020

During the Library Closures Email Us

  If you are having any problems with one of our databases or just have a question please email us.
We are checking our emails and will try to get back to you as soon as possible.

May 15 2020

A huge thank you.

  We would like to give a huge thank you to SOLS, Overdrive, Tumnlebooks, World Trade Press and others that have given Libraries online resources to help us keep in contact with our patrons during the COVID 19 pandemic.

June 30 2020

TD Summer Reading Club 2020

  This year the TD Summer Reading Club will be a little different. Since we are unable to do things in person we will be holding the program online. Check out for more information (please cut and paste the address or online resources). More details will come on our webpage and our Facebook page.

June 30 2020

Returning of material

  Please remember that when you are returning items to the libraries that they have to be returned in the book return box. We are unable to accept them in person due to safety reasons. Thank you.

June 30 2020

Placing a reserve on a book

  For those who wish to reserve an item using our catalog,
1)go to our website and click on the tab "search our library" 2)select which library you wish to reserve a book from and it will take you to the catalog.
3)Sign in using the last five digits of your library card
4)type in your password
5)select the book you want and click details, you will see that you can reserve the book at whatever location you wish
We will call you to let you know when your book is available to be picked up. If you have any problems contact either library.

June 30 2020

Curbside pickup at the Havelock and Cordova Libraries

  As of June 2nd we will be offering Curbside pick up at the Havelock and Cordova libraries. If you are interested you will need to call either branch or email us with your requests. We will notify you when they are ready. We will be taking every precaution to try to ensure everyone's safety. Please remember that the libraries are still closed to the public and we will be offering curbside pick up during certain hours.

July 15 2020

Updated Computer Use at the Library

  Starting Tuesday June 16th both libraries will be allowing computer use but with strict guidelines. We are allowed to have one person in the library at a time for 30 minutes. The only times this will be available are Tuesday and Friday in Havelock and Tuesday and Saturday in Cordova. You must book a time to use the computer. This can be done by calling the Havelock Library at 705-778-2621 or the Cordova Library at 705-778-2721. Walk-ins are not allowed.

July 31 2020

New online resources from World Trade Press

  World Trade Press has offered some new online resources until July 31. All these online resources are titled A to Z. You can check out new destinations, try out food from different countries, maps and so much more. There are also offering Lingo Lite which will help you learn a new language.

August 22 2020

Check out our Facebook page and like us

  Check out our Facebook page and see what activities are going on in the libraries and other events. We are finding different activities and ideas for you to do during these times.

August 30 2020

Next book club meeting - TBD

  At this time we are unaware of when the next book club meeting will be For more information call either the Havelock Library at 778-2621 or the Cordova Library at 778-2721 or come into either branch.

August 31 2020

New Online Resources from TumbleBooks

  We are pleased to add to our online resources TumbleBookLibrary, TumbleMath, TeenBookCloud, AudioBookCloud, and RomanceBookCloud. All you need is internet access, no downloading is required.

August 31 2020

TD Summer Reading Club 2020 Now Open

  Check out the video for the TD Summer Reading Club 2020!
(please cut and paste the address or check out online resources).

August 31 2020

TD Summer Reading Club 2020

  The TD Summer Reading Club 2020 website is now open! There are lots of activities to do before the program starts in July. Starting in July we will be posting a new craft every week on our facebook page.
(please cut and paste the address or check out online resources)

August 31 2020

TD Summer Reading Club 2020

  New this year to the TD Summer Reading Club are many online workshops by children's authors and illustrators. There are already some online and there will be more coming in the next few weeks. (copy and paste the link)

December 23 2020

Library Cards - How to obtain one

  Library Cards are free to anyone. To get a Library Card you need to come into any of our branches and bring along your ID and proof of address.

December 24 2020

Looking up books on our Search Our Library

  If you are looking for a book on our Search Our Library page and you want to put the name of the author, you need to put last name first comma and then their first name for example James Patterson you would enter as Patterson, James

December 28 2020

Patrons can now renew books over the internet

  The technical problems have now been fixed.We are pleased to announce now that you can renew your books over the internet. You need to go to your home library first so we can set up this feature for you. All you have to do is follow the following directions. Go to our webpage-choose search our library-choose your home library-click on sign in-enter the last 5 digits of your library card and enter your password-from there you can pull up your account and renew. For more information please contact either library. Havelock at 705-778-2621 or Cordova at 705-778-2721.

December 29 2020

Check out our online resources

  Our online resources have changed. We have added some new ones like Mango Languages and EBSCO has some new links for Hobbies, Science and Small Engine Repairs.
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